Monday, 30 July 2012


"If you are still up, bow your head in Fear, dry mouth and Anticipation. Disbelievers witness the spread of the dream: afraid, Broken. Hands and feet to pull off with splayed movements of birds. Time and sight sick like the very minds are drunk. INITIAL is Flight before the Lunatic drum beat."

This painting is big: 5'x4', in artist grade oils + secret vodun ingredients on canvas, and is $5,250 (insured worldwide FedEx shipping included) - for more info!  The hand painted shirt sweatshop continues to operate, and despite being thus far without any additional waifish hirelings to help speed production they are coming along very nicely ... much to come, and soon! xx


In the same way that they grow heavy winter coats, the cats seem to assume attributes of wildness when the summer is thick and green and feral - they're stalking around with saucer eyes and tails grown several inches longer, claws unsheathed, and so am I ... days stuck into Mary Daly's supremely witchy Wickedary plus evenings immersed in an unlikely viewing assemblage of Agnetha Fältskog via Maya Deren and Barbara Hammer are hardly a cure for such terminal concupiscence I suppose ...

Absolutely thrilled with all the lovely emails and inquiries I've gotten in the past week!  So, so much more to come ... xx

Friday, 27 July 2012


"Darkness is good, a strong intention of direction. The clear goal: a taste of the heat Antropik, informed as to under a shell, with many legs. Never much of an objective self. All push deeper."

This vévé painting is of artist quality oils + some secret ingredients on 16''x16'' canvas, and is $895 (insured worldwide airmail shipping included) - for more info!  Working a one-girl sweatshop at the moment getting these hand painted Cut Hands shirts done - so much more upcoming ... xx  

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Dark and sticky and so humid today I am listening expectantly for a small wet sound just beneath each ear, signalling the spontaneous rearrangement of my throat flesh into impromptu gills. Should be exciting! Until then, I am grateful for small savageries: sticking drawing pins into splayed garments to keep them nice and still for painting. Have a lot of these new handmade shirts to do for the Cut Hands US tour in September ... Much more coming soon! xx

Sunday, 22 July 2012


"Bear in mind the way of the head and its union. The internalized Union and spread of Love and Desire to enable Realization in depth with features and details, all gathering and forming from ever-expanding waves of loud clattering percussion."

This is the original oil painting of the artwork I did for the debut Cut Hands album - it's made from artist grade oils + secret ingredients on 16''x16''  canvas. Much more coming soon! xx

Monday, 16 July 2012


+ Piscean, born in 1990
+ my obsession with oil painting began at age 11 when given a bizarre grinning Aztec mask by a couple of elderly professors who lived in a big dark house across the road
+ fervently passionate about vaudou and santería (special allegiance to Petro nation loa)
+ vévé specialist using oils, grave dirt, sea slime, forest fire ash, and other secret alchemical ingredients
+ lover of witches and witchery and all magic in its perilously female forms
+ I live with adored felines, a small cat colony in New England
+ regularly spending time in Scottish Highlands for pagan artistic inspiration
+ latest work involving enormous and complex wall-sized vévé oil painting to complement the most recent collection