Saturday, 17 November 2012


Featuring a lead motif from the Yaneka painting (used on the cover of the Black Mamba album), these stunning 100% cotton jersey shirts are individually hand-painted with high-quality textile paints + affixed with custom labels + swing tags, like our other designs.
Worn as is or (my personal preference!) cut + cropped, as you can see, these pieces are really special.

Available in S, M, L, + XL for $42 USA/$48 worldwide, with FREE shipping, or any TWO shirts for $74 USA/$86 worldwide, FREE shipping.
PayPal is

Please feel free to write in to me if you have any other questions about the shirts, paintings, or indeed anything else!

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Cut Hands Black Mamba CDs (+ free limited edition art postcards while supplies last) are available for purchase from yours truly!

$17.99 to US addresses, p+p included - payment is accepted through PayPal (

feel free to write in for more information!
Mimsy xx

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


This week has sounded thrilling, perhaps excessively so, as I've managed to catch the kind of cold that comes from inattentive susceptibility - brazenly under-dressing or some other flagrant willingness to play viral host. The abandon is well worth it. Being only in favor of voluptuous disarray, however, + decidedly not of clutter, I've compiled a catalog of vévé paintings to date. Hi-res photos + complete information in a neat discrete alternative to scrolling through web pages. Please download at !
Mimsy xx

Friday, 5 October 2012


An overgrown pure black cat stood determinedly in my path yesterday in the middle of a familiar neighborhood grown over with the uncanny moss of damp light that comes between intermittent rain showers.

Or, that unique composure of being drawn out of sleep by crystalline awareness of a faucet in the darkened bathroom opening and closing with a metal hiss. Nothing there + the room’s not empty.

There’s an edge of hysteria to all the vividly dying foliage that creeps up against the steady barriers of peripheral vision - you could just sink into the ground all soupy proteins at any second, sliding neatly into earthy pores.

It’s been a magical season so far. A dose of ritual immersion on the equinox can’t have hurt, + a certain occasion exactly one month in can’t but sustain the mood …

Mimsy xx

Friday, 28 September 2012


The stock of our first edition limited edition Cut Hands sleeveless shirts having run alarmingly low, we now introduce our exclusive NEW RANGE of T-shirts! 

Each beautiful ultra-soft 100% cotton jersey garment is hand-painted with a signature Cut Hands vévé design in the highest quality textile pigments available + affixed with custom label + swing tags. Sizes currently available are unisex S, M, L, + XL.

These shirts are guaranteed stunners worn as-is or (my personal preference) cut + cropped, they're a little bit dearer than most and a LOT more special.

Available now for $42 to the USA/$48 international orders via PayPal ( - worldwide shipping included.

Feel free to write to me for more information!

Mimsy xx

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Magical week split between prowling multilevel esoteric shops in the most marine recesses of New England + a fortuitous (I swear) full-frontal run-in with Folsom St Fair 2012 ... all of which but ornamentation splayed attractively around a Black Mamba centerpiece idol.

The result plus some more prosaic matters is, your generally faithful lady artist has been somewhat absent. No longer, of course - guilt owned + penance paid, I shall resume revelation of the work that has somehow gone on despite (because of?) successive days of rarefied titillation ... xx