Friday, 31 August 2012


"Body in motion is an inflammatory invitation, probing the Boundary at the crossroads of the Living and the Invisibles. Agency in the Journeyer falters, then the Ruthless reality of the dance. Courage, and eventually they go and disappear."

This painting, one of my recent favorites, is artist quality oils and carefully selected + obscurely sourced secret ingredients on 16''x16'' canvas (and psst, design is included in new the Cut Hands Black Mamba album artworks), and is $925 (worldwide insured airmail shipping included) - write to me at for more information! Working away at new curia to unveil soon ... xx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Diversion! Have been hard at work assembling the next edition of Cut Hands garments here in the trusty one-girl sweatshop/atelier (+ for the time being we've some of our limited edition shirts from the first run still available), getting utterly abruptly lost in obscure ethnobotanical inquiry, being immersed in hysterically exciting new sounds, irrevocably spooking the next male generation after agreeing to accompany my uncannily identical twin sister on a job babysitting an erstwhile set of young brothers ... and welcoming a delightfully bitchy little calico addition to the cat coven.

Despite such apparent disarray, an underlying method persists, the fruits of which shall become quickly apparent! Many thanks once more to all those writing with inquiries and requests, correspondence is always most exciting. Much to come and soon ... xx

Monday, 20 August 2012


"The body should not shrink from penetration: it is the ratio of hostilities contaminating it. Teeth bared in all-violent grimace, corrupted and abandoned, a department of exciting additions in excess."

This piece, inspired in part by an ongoing fascination, nay obsession, with Kongo zinkondi, is made from carefully chosen artist quality oil paint and specially sourced secret vodun ingredients on 16''x20'' canvas, and is $1,250 (worldwide insured airmail shipping included).  Please write to me at for more information!  You know there's more to come from me xx

Thursday, 16 August 2012


"Conceptualization of death as animation's negative corollary makes bad worse. Life and death and all these things em-body the respective participants that are permanent in a mobile, biting cycle of directions. Necrophilic mathematics has no place."

This painting, one of my favorites, is the original inspiration for the cover of 
Cut Hands Afro Noise I Volume 2 LP, as well as for our limited edition shirts - it was made on 16''x16'' canvas with my precious artist quality oils + the usual array of unusual secret additions, and is $895 (worldwide insured airmail shipping included).  Please write to me at for more information!  Of course, there's more to come ... xx

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


A busy busy week, all the work of which on my part, while most exciting, pales terribly in comparison to the beautiful experience of having been ceremoniously gifted a very dead, exsanguinated mouse (dropped in the grass in gory prostration at my feet) by a master huntress neighbor cat. Poor little mouse, yet I can't fault the feline's gesture: her obvious and justified lack of regard for my lethal potential complemented charmingly by her effort, at once maternal and, perhaps more pointedly, gleefully dominant, to help me along in the matter. I do appreciate being so eloquently reminded of my place now and again...

Enjoying so much responding to inquiries and correspondence - still vastly more to come, very soon! xx

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Announcing a limited run of official Cut Hands shirts!  Quoting vévé artwork found on the Afro Noise I Volume 2 LP, each piece is hand-crafted from within my delightfully lugubrious atelier. Check out the exclusive Cut Hands swingtags and labels! As you'll find out, these really make an entrancing fashion statement.

They are permanent highest quality textile paint on sleeveless 100% cotton sleeveless shirts (recommended hand or low cycle, cold wash) with custom labels and swingtags. 

This current run is limited to 50 pieces in four sizes (S, M, L, XL).  They are available now, shipping included, for just $42 USA, $48 international.

Payment is accepted via PayPal to, or please feel free to write to me for more information!  xx


*******ONE SOLD*******

These 6 miniature (7cmx7cm) vévé paintings, inspired in a roundabout way by holy estampas, and like my large works, are artist quality oil paints + secret vodun-source additions on canvas + my beloved snake signature. You can also see me clutching a couple of them in YANEKA. They are $95 each and come in presentation boxes (worldwide insured airmail shipping included) - please write to me at for more information! Much more so so soon ... xx


I can't claim the highly alluring trait of ambidexterity, a fact which is normally bothersome only in the realm of hypothetical musings about 'dubious functions one might be able to perform manually given precisely equal use of the left and right hands,' but which enters the realm of practical complaints when, as now, favored hands and fingers bear sore traces of continual jabbing with sewing needles.  A necessary stigmata wrought by one-girl garment production and, all moaning aside, an interesting sensory elaboration to routine activity.  Even better: those with an interest in the material rather than exclusively fleshly results of said labor shall be satisfied tomorrow ... xx

Monday, 6 August 2012


"Who claimed the night, who is moving under cover, they are honoring the trees, wildlife, hunting even in the deep self. A deep sea: a consensus."

This painting, in artist grade oils + my secret vodun ingredients on 16''x16'' canvas, served as inspiration for artwork used on the Cut Hands Afro Noise Volume I LP, and is $895 (insured worldwide airmail shipping included) - write me at for more information! So much to come ... xx


Splitting time between lying on the bathroom tiles in a detached mollusk imitation, visualizing slimy limblessness, when the heat becomes too much, and the violent embodiment and celebration thereof that's come with breathlessly following Olympic women's boxing: the most viscerally moved I've been since experiencing my first underground live fight, convulsively making bruising grabs at my neighboring girl friend's knee - the absolute finest in Amazon entertainment!

And otherwise working away. The curious and desirous are encouraged to look for developments regarding paintings on both canvas and textile in the coming days ... very excited to share!  Soon, soon xx

Friday, 3 August 2012


"It sits at the Boundary. Large swamp filled with the forces of Life and Death, undifferentiated biophilic potential. Snakes are long out of the mud and the Biomancer waits. Life can be accessed. Or death."

This bigger (2' x 2') painting is the original inspiration for the Cut Hands Black Mamba album cover - it is artist quality oils + secret vodun ingredients on canvas, and is $2,450 (insured worldwide airmail shipping included). Write me at for more info!  xx

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Continuing in the helpless cultivation of generalized cupidity: glimpses of Amazon savagery via depraved selection from snippets of Olympic events, and botanical forays both gratuitous (Pausinystalia yohimbe as a breakfast supplement?) and Magic - trying, exciting times in the annals of girl self-amusement!  Not that such distraction is needed when elbow-deep in several means of variably admissible production, the fruits of which shall be forthcoming, of course ...

Further excitement still from the wonderful messages and inquiries I am receiving.  So eager to share much more - soon! xx