Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Diversion! Have been hard at work assembling the next edition of Cut Hands garments here in the trusty one-girl sweatshop/atelier (+ for the time being we've some of our limited edition shirts from the first run still available), getting utterly abruptly lost in obscure ethnobotanical inquiry, being immersed in hysterically exciting new sounds, irrevocably spooking the next male generation after agreeing to accompany my uncannily identical twin sister on a job babysitting an erstwhile set of young brothers ... and welcoming a delightfully bitchy little calico addition to the cat coven.

Despite such apparent disarray, an underlying method persists, the fruits of which shall become quickly apparent! Many thanks once more to all those writing with inquiries and requests, correspondence is always most exciting. Much to come and soon ... xx

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