Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Here, immoderate glee at the emergence of excessively early Hallowe'en paraphernalia + arcane fixation on consuming the darkest, most subterranean and occult of plants as a staple diet. In the space of a day: empathizing with a growling rubber werewolf that shivers + spits jets of suspect-looking warm water (an intentional function? the display box worryingly failed to elaborate) + going into paroxysms of delight at the discovery of black string beans to accompany purplish-dark kale in a thoroughly eldritch meal, like mutual biting + digestion, of + by the earth itself.

Thrilled by all the inquiries and messages I have been receiving of late, I welcome and indeed encourage yet more, especially from those who might wish to share a glimpse of their own, sympathetically-inclined artworks - ever eager for such communicative stimuli!  + more, more to come ... xx

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